Finding the best Private Villas in Kodaikanal for Homestay

Be it a family trip or unplanned buddies trip or a romantic trip, Kodaikanal is one of a kind place that holds the very nature of giving comforts and happiness to the people visiting it. Being surrounded by magnificent granite cliffs, verdant valleys, peaceful lakes, and cascade waterfalls, it is such an eye treat for the visitors. No one wants to miss a visit if they have a chance to visit Kodaikanal.


Kodaikanal holds the very nature of attracting people to visit after summer. Though there are many people who love Kodaikanal at all seasons. As there are numerous beautiful spots to visit, a day or two is not sufficient enough. If you wish to soak the Kodaikanal memories to your soul you need at least a week. Getting a place that will make you feel like home is quite difficult as Kodai is one of the most popular places and most visited places in South India. You have to plan a getaway at least a month before you visit Kodaikanal.


Worry not, there is a way to get the best place that will make your visit to Kodaikanal awesome, even at a week’s notice. But how?


Well, Here is the golden tip. If you just expand your homestay search to just 10-20 km from the center of Kodaikanal, you will find some best places to stay and chill your visit to Kodaikanal at affordable costs. Here in this blog, we will be discussing the best way to choose your place to stay in Kodaikanal.


Factors to consider while choosing your homestay in Kodaikanal:


Although there are many hotels and private villas in Kodaikanal, you have to consider some prominent factors while choosing one. If you wish to explore Kodaikanal true beauty, you have to start with finding a suitable place to stay. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing a place to stay while you are visiting Kodaikanal.

  1. Location of the villa/homestay – Check whether the location has good greeneries and good connectivity to the places to visit in Kodaikanal.
  2. Villa/homestay amenities – Check the amenities like dining, rental cars, laundries, essentials, recreations, trekking facilities, etc., provided by the villa/homestay.
  3. Testimonials/reviews – Refer to various ratings and reviews given by the visited tourists before booking a villa/homestay in Kodaikanal to stay.
  4. Accessibility – Check whether the villa/homestay can accommodate your stay without any hassle. Check whether the villa/homestay can help you with your needs while you visit Kodaikanal.
  5. Value for money – Contact the villa and check out the pricing. Ensure you get the value for the price you pay for the stay during your visit to Kodaikanal.

Last but not least, taking a trip to Kodaikanal means you should not miss any places to visit in Kodaikanal. Here are some of the beautiful spots in Kodaikanal that you should not miss visiting.


Must visit places in Kodaikanal while you stay in Kodaikanal

  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Bryant Park
  • Silver Cascade Falls
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Coaker’s Walk
  • Guna Cave
  • Moir Point
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Thalaiyar Falls
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

Ensure that the homestay/villa is situated in a suitable location that will make your travel to these places without any hassle. After considering these major factors while choosing your homestay in Kodaikanal, you can narrow down your search for villas and homestay to 5-10 at least. In addition to these factors, Kodaikanal is known for its farming and nurturing of cultivated fruits/veggies. If you want to explore all the beautiful places of Kodaikanal and also want to be a part of a farm stay, there are only a few farm stays in Kodaikanal. One such farm stay/private villa/homestay in Kodaikanal is Thapovan.


Best private villas in Kodaikanal for rent


Thapovan is one of the best cottage/villa providers in Kodaikanal. To make you feel like staying at home, every villa is equipped with the essentials for the sake of visitors. Thapovan continues to provide you with essentials while you stay in Thapovan. They will take care of your stay in Kodaikanal end to end like refreshments, food, visits, stay, and pretty much every essential thing you need in Kodaikanal. Unlike other cottages, Thapovan cares for their tourists by providing them fresh and natural food by cultivating veggies from their own farm. You can take a visit to these farms too. You will have a variety of food options when you choose thapovan. You can also have multiple cuisines in between your stay. Speaking of the villas, Thapovan manages various villas/cottages for various price ranges.


So, choosing a suitable villa won’t be an issue.


1. Super Deluxe Villa

superior deluxe villas for rent in Kodaikanal

Superior deluxe villa | Thapovan farmstay

This 900 square feet villa is a super deluxe villa that is designed and built to make the visitors comfortable and feel the luxury in every part of the villa. Every brick in the house is designed to give complete comforts and enjoy the beauty of staying in Kodaikanal. This superior deluxe villa is capable of giving a comfortable and luxurious stay up to 4 guests. If you are a family and planning to visit Kodaikanal, there is no denying that this deluxe villa will be your best option. It has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and separate sleeping areas. It has an open sky garden and a patio set up to spend your lovely evenings with a hot tea.


Every window has a spectacular view of the gardens, mountains, and the foggy chill view. We can simply put your stay here in this superior deluxe villa that will make you feel comfy and luxurious. Thapovan takes care of the room services and every single need of yours to make your stay more comfortable.


2. Premium Villa

premium villas in Kodaikanal

premium villas in Kodaikanal

Just think big and beautiful. This Premium villa in Thapovan is spacious just made for accommodating your buddies and family trips to Kodaikanal. This Premium villa is perched on the natural slopes and it has levitated platforms to give the visitors a bird’s view feel. This premium villa has two distinct rooms and two washrooms. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains from any room in the villa. The villa has a TV with a DTH connection, a king-size cot, and bed for each room, a heater, wifi, and Intercom. Along with the amenities, the villa is well equipped with the furnishings and essentials you need.


This premium villa has stylish bathrooms that are stone-clad and beckon tired travelers in with their impressive open to sky showers. You will get an amusing view of the forest from the windows of the villa. It also has a living room with an extended garden sit-out where the private barbeque sessions could happen. Attached to the living area are the two master bedrooms with queen-sized beds in each with individual attached toilets. As mentioned earlier, It’s the best villa in Kodaikanal for two families to stay together. These Kodaikanal villas for rent are ready to occupy.


3. Classic Villa

classic villas for rent in Kodaikanal

classic villas for rent in Kodaikanal

Classic villas in Thapovan are spacious and can accommodate up to two guests. Every single amenities from Thapovan will be provided for the classic villa also. Classic villas are built on contemporary designs to provide the visitors a new feel and comfy enough to stay and enjoy the place. Large windows in the rooms let the people enjoy the mountainside view. As the villa is furnished with all the essential stuff, you won’t find any trouble while you stay in Thapovan at Kodaikanal.


You will be provided food, essentials, drinks as a part of the tariff package you purchased. Along with that, any requirements from you will be taken care of by Thapovan. You can rely on the homestay services provided by Thapovan. Classic villas will make you feel at home and let you enjoy Kodaikanal’s comfy climate. As beds in the classic villa rooms face the gardens, you will be enjoying the green gardens while you wake up. These types of classic villas are most preferred by many Kodaikanal visitors. If you are looking for something nice and sweet, this classic villa is the best option for you while you visit Kodaikanal.


4. Deluxe villa

Deluxe villas for rent in Kodaikanal

Deluxe villas for rent in Kodaikanal

Deluxe villas in Thapovan are elegantly designed villas in the middle of the rainforests of Kodaikanal. You can feel the chillness of Kodaikanal and the villas’ lovely warmth. You can have the amenities provided by Thapovan as per your purchased package. Deluxe villas are equipped with the essential furnishings, a master cot, and a bed. You can enjoy the mountainside view and the comfiness of the deluxe villas at Kodaikanal.


You will have heaters, a TV with DTH connection, Wi-Fi, an intercom, and other essentials you need in the villa for staying purposes. In addition to that, the hospitality provided by Thapovan will make you feel at home and taste every inch of your getaway to Kodaikanal. You can reserve your homestay for Kodaikanal at Thapovan. Be it a family trip or a romantic trip, you can book deluxe villas for a nice and peaceful say here at Kodaikanal.


5. Economy Tent

Economy tents in Kodaikanal

Economy tents in Kodaikanal

There is no denying that staying with buddies is the best memory and the best way to enjoy Kodaikanal climate. Thapovan offers economy tents for people who wish to spend time together in gangs. Be it a birthday celebration or a buddy’s unplanned trip, this economy tent has rooms for each and every single character of your gang. This economy tent can accommodate up to 10 people. Thapovan will take care of your stay from check-in to check-out without any hassle.


Winding up:


Staying in Kodaikanal for a day or two is one of the best ways to spend your holidays. Be it your most awaited weekends, or a romantic trip or a buddy’s unplanned trip, or a family getaway, Thapovan offers the best homestay services in Kodaikanal. You can count on Thapovan hospitality from check-in to checkouts. If you want to know more about the pricing and offers, you can contact our executives by the following options.


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