Trekking  in Kodaikanal

Thapovan forms the perfect base for a number of exciting trekking has a whole range of options to choose based on the difficulty of the trekking you are looking for Trekking in Kodaikanal are very famous for short trekking’s in Kodaikanal. Trekking in Kodaikanal is a great place to experience breathtaking views. But no matter what kind of terrain you prefer, it would still be a great experience if you trek one day in Kodaikanal. This trekking places at Thapovan features rare views of the valley from vantage viewpoints, adventurous trails, and exquisite waterfalls. Thapovan trekking  in Kodaikanal begins daily early in the morning and takes our guests to one of two places. The main treks offered at the Thapovan are along the trails leading to Sangu Mayandi peak. This is where the mountain peak resembles a white shell following its shapes like a shell and a deity called Sangu Mayandi, who is being prayed by the Tribals for ages is located here.

Farm Walk

The plantation tour leads through the aromatic plantations of coffee, peppercorn, and betel nut, complemented by a rich and colorful array of flora and fauna. Experiencing varied seasonal fruits like avocado, orange, guava, mango, hill banana, and papaya traversing winding tracks through the foliage, and visits to the organic vegetable garden with carrots, potatoes, soya beans, butter beans, radish, bottle guard ridge guard beans, lemon, green chilies, tomatoes, mint, coriander, greens, and Gaushala make this walk unforgettable!

Bird Watch

Owing to its location within the Western Ghats and the region’s rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, Thapovan, Kodai Hills is a bird watcher’s paradise. Some of the birds that can be spotted here are the Peacock, Malabar Grey Hornbill, the Scarlet Minivet, the Grey Wagtail, the Malabar Trogon, the Common Emerald Dove, and the Nilgiri Flycatcher. Here are some of the stunning birds you may be lucky enough to glimpse on a bird-watching walk at Thapovan!

Outdoor Dining

Thapovan is the perfect combination of luxury and nature, and in these outdoor dining experiences, our guests – either as a couple or as a group – can enjoy private dining experiences nestled in the outdoors. A candlelight dinner on those chilly nights, a clear sky studded with stars, and a mouth-watering brownie dessert will make for a luxurious experience to remember!

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation

A vacation is incomplete without keeping time aside to simply unwind. The recreation area at the resort is perfect for you and your family to spend an evening engrossed in your favorite hobbies or trying a hand at mastering new ones! Thapovan provides the perfect ambiance for all kinds of recreational activities; painting, board games, and more. Open on both sides, the recreation area is a place for a leisurely afternoon or evening, surrounded by the pristine green surroundings of Kodai. For outdoor sports lovers, Thapovan also has spaces to play badminton, cricket, and archery. The magnificent landscape is sure to invoke the sportsperson in you!