An Experience
Me,my hubby and the little one stayed at Thapovan for the New years Eve.We thoroughly enjoyed the picturesque beauty of the mountains flanked on all the side.Neat and convenient rooms with a lavish spread bathroom was the highlight of the day,my kid got drenched in the open to sky shower.We loved it on the whole.

- Malu Siva

Peace,Comfort,and Privacy
I felt very peacefull without any phone calls,calm and serene at the backdrop of mountains,Loved the homely food served.The freshly picked fruits were tasting juicy and healthy.Nice place to stay!

- Kumar

Ambience was stunning,
I never expected a contemporary structure at a farm place like this,As i went without any expectation ,I was astonished by the perspectives of the villas and their angular walls.Being an architect,I appreciate the design and the thoughfull spaces.

- Niralya

Shallow pool my favourite
We stayed only for two nights ,bt felt like prolonging towards the end.The living room has got a shallow water body where in the swing hung from the living sways into the water body and lands back in the living room.My kids enjoyed the nature walk.

- Prashanth Kumar

A perfect vacation,
For me it was a perfect vacation in peace and silence,could hear the noise of chirping birds and insects.It was extremely cold since i visited in december.But we were provided with the room heater,so the temperature was maintained warm.The chilly bajjis served in the evenings tasted spicy and felt good in that climate.

- Divya.P

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