Our ever popular, Luxury honeymoon Cottages offer a very generous 600 Sq. Ft living area, contemporary tropical furnishings and all the creature comforts. But with a huge private open to sky courtyard extending to the deck, you may well find yourself spending more time outside enjoying your spectacular surrounds! The Luxury Cottage has a comfortable bed and an extended seating space. For guests who prefer luxury whilst being outdoors, all living spaces, open up to an east facing private sun deck where guests can recline, watch the sun rise and soak up some of that clean fresh mountain air with a morning cup of coffee and a newspaper at hand. The comfortable lounge chairs on the deck create the perfect setting for a lazy afternoon barbeque’s.


The complete contemporary open living and dining area has a pool of water on one side with a backdrop of Buddha mural inscribed on the stone wall. Theres a semi open outdoor seating area for open barbecues. The swing hung along the pool side sways into the water and lands back in the living room which gives the feel of staying in the air.


  • 24×7 Check in/ Checkout.
  • 24×7 Room Service
  • Laundry
  • Daily Housekeeping Service
  • Car Parking
  • 24 – Hour Water Supply
  • Generator Backup
  • All Rooms Bath Attached with Heaters
  • Telephone facility
  • Television

Orchard and Avacado luxury honeymoon villa: (All rates are twin sharing per day/night excluding taxes)

Plans Price Inclusions
Breakfast Rs. 4850/- Bed tea/coffee + Breakfast
Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Rs. 5850/- Bed tea/coffee + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Extra Guest:
  • No charges for Child below 5 years
  • Child – above 5yrs & below 12 yrs charges applicable as below which includes extra bed
  • Breakfast plan – Rs. 600 (plus Tax)
  • Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner plan – Rs. 900 (plus Tax)
Persons < 10 10 – 20 > 20
Pricing Rs.650 Rs.550 Rs.450
  • Inclusive of Lunch [vegetarian – standard menu]
  • For non vegetarian or change in the given vegetarian menu charges will be extra
Season Dates Off Season Dates
1st Apr 2016 to 30th Jun 2016 21st Jan 2016 to 30th Mar 2016
1st  Oct 2015 to 20th Jan 2016 1st Jul 2015 to 30th Sep 2016
Kindly Note :
  • All packages are for 2 adults. One child below 5 yrs would be complimentary.
  • All package rates are exclusive of taxes
  • All tariff are subject to change without notice
  • Rates may differ for long weekends,  long public holidays,  Season & Off Season
  • Regular check in time 12 noon / Check out 12 noon
  • Daily housekeeping/room service is included in all packages
  • To reserve any of the above packages kindly click on ‘make a reservations’ link and proceed with the booking.
For other reservations queries:
Ph: +91 9843151352 / +91 8098651351 / +91 8940400356

plantation-tourThe Vazhaigiri Estate is nestled in the steep and densely shaded hills of the majestic Western Ghats. The estate comprises of Coffee & Banana plantations, interspersed with jack-fruit ,silver-oak and hardwood species such as rosewood surrounded by a wealth of native flora and fauna in a magnificent ecosystem. Witness the changing seasons bring about a uniqueness in your every experience, in this up close and personal one-on-one with nature. Partake in the simple pleasures of watching a honey bee at work, and sway like wild-flowers in a breeze, and join the choir with a hundred birds singing their songs on guided trails that showcase the best of Kodaikanal.


natural-walkingThe whole of the Kodaikanal district comes under the Western Ghats, which is one of the 34 environmentally undisturbed eco systems of the world, harboring a rich biodiversity in its flora & fauna. A typical feature of the sloping Western Ghats are the isolated ever green forests nestled between the folds of the mountain ranges, amidst of these ranges lies the unique ‘The Thaovan’ at an elevation of 3150 ft. surrounded by the Western Ghats ranges. One can enjoy the natures walk admidst the mountain range.


yoga-meditationWe at The Thapovan have come to understand that our guests are inherent seekers of something beyond the ordinary, always searching for ways to continually expand the horizons for their mind, body and soul. We have also realized that our discerning guests are not looking for a superficial “fix,” but want to see the big picture and their positive role in it by making conscious choices. you could connect to your inner self in the surrounding beauty of The Thapovan. The sounds of flowing water, the sweet chirping of forest birds combined with the fragrances and sights are the perfect companion on your quest for serenity.


diningThapovan offers regional, national, recepies in an atmosphere of warmth and elegance . The Thapovan’s oxygen rich and exciting outdoor environs builds up an appetite, which our chef takes prides in fulfilling with rich customized recepies according to your wish and taste. We source almost all our ingredients locally, including from our organic vegetarian garden,. The open barbeque’s deck offers a beautiful evening ambiance for leisurely multi course meals and the experience is enhanced many folds by the warm service. The Thapovan is also a place for magical and intimate dining experiences such as a candlelit dinner by the pool side, with the surrounding tree- lines glowing with thousands of fireflies.


The Thapovan is touted to be a haven for ornithologists and bird-lovers alike. Whether you are expert at bird behavior or just a plain novice who admires the beauty of his feathered friends, The resort is the best place to explore and get in touch with various creatures of flight. The Indian sub-continent accounts for over 2060 species of birds, and the fact is that Kodaikanal  contributes as much as 25% of the overall bird population in this regard, which is a matter or joy and pride for the tiny hill-station. The area is considered the best place to spot several species of birds,.Trogons, Nilgiri Laughing-Thrushes, Great Black Woodpeckers, and Malabar Whistling-Thrushes. Other varieties of birds include Yellow Browed Bulbuls, Pacific Swallows, Grasshopper Warblers, Orphean Warblers and Yellow Billed Babblers. Great Pied Hornbills, Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, Grey-Breasted Laughing Thrushes, Blue-Winged Parakeets, Grey-Headed Bulbuls, White-Bellied Treepies, the Nilgiri and White-Bellied Blue Flycatchers, Black Eagle and Ceylon Frogmouths comprise the rest of the species of birds that hail from the district. Apart from normal birds, Kodai also has several species of Owls including Short Eared and Oriental Scops Owls which can often be seen after nightfall. Embark on a guided bird watching trail in the property to spot some of these exotic birds.

Take a walking tour of the farm with a guide or staff member

Walk with Guide

Take a tour of the herbal garden & learn about the special plants

Take a tour

Climb a top notch the cliff and enjoy commanding views of the valley


Trek to the farthest end of the farm carrying a picnic basket


laden with goodies. Spend an hour or two taking in the 360˚ view of the mountains, the green valley and the cool breezes


Have a meal set for you privately on the top end of the farm, surrounded by Avocado trees laden with fruit, with only the mountains as witness


Cycle around the valley enjoying the adrenaline rush


Spend a lazy afternoon playing the board games available in house


Relax with a book and enjoy swaying in the swing


Kodai Lake


Berijam Lake


Bear Shola Falls


Kurunji Andavar Temple


Pine Forest


Pillar Rock


Bryant Park


Shembaganur Museum of Natural History


La Saleth Church