Thapovan is flanked by mountains that kiss the clouds with seasonal stream gushing down its slopes and lush farmlands. This place has got a unique topographical location, it is situated at the foot hills of 3 mountains sharing all their shadows and fertility. There is a natural water stream boundary for the property which is seasonal. It has a wide blow of wind flowing between them, so it’s windy throughout the year. The land bears more than 1500 trees which are 100 years old. They oxygenate the whole farm.

Arrive at Thapovan Farms to a refreshing welcome of freshly squeezed orange juice made from handpicked organic fruit from our own orchard. At Thapovan Farms all produce is organically grown. It is nestled in the steep and densely shaded hills of the majestic Western Ghats. The estate comprises of Coffee & Banana plantations, interspersed with jackfruit ,orange ,avocado ,Guava ,Mangoes ,silver-oak and hardwood species such as rosewood surrounded by a wealth of native flora and fauna in a magnificent ecosystem. Partake in the simple pleasures of watching a honey bee at work, and sway like wild-flowers in a breeze, and join the choir with a hundred birds singing their songs on guided trails that showcase the best of Kodaikanal.